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Penny and Wanda


I'm so happy you are here and can't wait to meet you in person or on Zoom. 

My passion is to assist you in everyway possible to ensure you have a smooth, calm journey on your next adventure. 

But first, allow me introduce myself...

South Africa Wanda Voight Nova Home Lovers Real Estate and Relocation
Botswana Wanda Voight Nova Home Lovers Real Estate and Relocation
Namibia Wanda Voight Nova Home Lovers Real Estate and Relocation
America Wanda Voight Nova Home Lovers Real Estate and Relocation
CIPS Wanda Voight Nova Home Lovers Real Estate and Relocation
Northren Virginia Association of Realtors
Diversity, inclusion and equity
Wanda Voight CIPS

Obtaining my real estate license instilled in me a deeper appreciation of home ownership as an inflation proof investment, and a generational wealth builder. It quickly turned into one of my biggest passions to teach and assist others in achieving financial freedom through the acquisition of real estate. It can supply endless opportunities to build a retirement portfolio that will provide a passive income for as long as you need. As any homeowner across the globe will tell you, it is one of the biggest, but best investments in life.  

After passing my real estate license exam, I quickly realized that all the studying for that test was just the beginning and that you need far more than just a license to conduct real estate transactions successfully. Within my first year I not only completed all my post licensing education and all my broker's classes, but I also completed several other courses since then. I graduated from the Realtor Institute (GRI) which is the highest designation a realtor can obtain. I completed my Military relocation training, corporate relocation and global relocation training through the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. I completed my professional assistant, at home with diversity and bias override training. I have also completed several contract and real estate law courses, C2EX and Fairhaven.

I am a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) as well. Next year's goal is to complete my Certified Property Manager (CPM) training. I am also very excited to be a member of the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, and International Business committees at the Northern Virginia association of Realtors. 

NVAR at home with diversity

My Story

If you had told me, as a little girl growing up in Namibia, that I would live such an amazing life and travel to far off destinations, I would have not believed you and went back to playing with my pet Meerkat, Jerymiah. But travel I have, and along the way lived in beautiful places, met wonderful people, became experienced in so many varied skills that molded me and my free spirit into a calm, carefree, independent woman with strong African roots.  Just like so many of you, I wear different hats daily. I love that I have finally come full circle and that I am able to use all my training, skills and experience in a combined client-centered service to others. 

Home Scooling

Serving and assisting others in living their best life has always been a passion of mine. Blending knowledge from two of my passions, psychology and being an entrepreneur, gave me the opportunity to open a natural healing center in Johannesburg South Africa, providing private and group coaching sessions. Initially I coached children and adults in dealing with trauma through different psychotherapy tools and modules.  


Later this grew into a full kids’ life coaching and home school center. Home schooling children in a calmer environment gave them the skills to discover themselves, learn to think analytically and independently, and grow at a pace that fit their needs while excelling at their academic curriculum. When I came to the USA my psychotherapy studies came in handy, allowing me to open a private practice in transformational coaching.  I furthered my studies here in the USA and loved the opportunity to hone my skills through different views, teachings and upgrade to international standards.  

I developed a holistic massage curriculum and opened a massage school where I taught many students the benefits of treating clients with holistic healing massage techniques. Even though I am not practicing or teaching holistic healing at the moment, it will remain one of my biggest passions and way of living. It has also allowed me to calmly handle the very stressful situations my real estate clients deal with when relocating. I love teaching and coaching.  Oh....and learning!  I will forever be a student of life.  

My husband and I met while he was working in South Africa in 2012.  He is retired from the Navy and now works as a museum curator, specializing in the restoration of historic American artifacts at the Smithsonian Museum. At that time there was a Catalina PBY stuck in Germiston that his boss sent him to restore and fly back to San Diego.


This old beauty became the reason I met my soul mate and even flew our wedding guests from Gauteng to Warm baths to celebrate the day with us in Limpopo on a hot African summer's day in the bushveld. Till today she is still a lovely reminder of Captain America and Wandawoman’s adventures in Africa as she now rests at the Colorado Springs National Museum of World War II Aviation. Learn more about this amazing beauty -  

It did not take long for us to realize we are soulmates and “partners in crime”.  Matt flew the PBY home, and we had a long-distance relationship until I had taken care of my affairs in Africa. Six months later I was standing on the beach in San Diego, California. Since then, we have travelled the length and breadth of the United States and are now settled in beautiful Virginia. Together we have four adult children and four grandchildren who all call me Ouma and I love it! That being said, we are proud empty nesters with the exception of our 12-year-old Border Collie, Penny. 

Captain America and Wandawoman
The Voight's House Bed and Breakfast Colorado Springs

One of the things Matt and I discovered early in our relationship is our shared dream of having a lodge/bed & breakfast. We are both very social people and introducing guests to the culture and environment from around the world is a treat for both of us. 

We bought a historical Victorian home in downtown Colorado Springs and converted it into a Bed & Breakfast and we loved interacting with guests from all over the world. It quickly became so successful that we were fully booked a year in advance. Everybody raved online about the South African hospitality, style, and character of ‘The Voights House’ and my husband's made-to-order breakfast selections. And, of course, everyone loved hanging out with Penny and our fat cat, Calvin. 

In 2020 COVID forced us to close the bed & breakfast doors. Most of you can relate to the fact that Covid was a devastating blow that changed many people's lives unexpectedly. We all have stories to tell. Matt accepted a job offer he could not refuse at the Smithsonian, and we became landlords once again, renting out our home in Colorado Springs, and moved to Virginia. 


Covid was still rampant, and I did not want to open a brick-and-mortar business at that time. After long discussions my husband was the one who said, "You love helping others and we have bought and sold so many homes. Why don’t you get your real estate license?  You will be good at helping others invest in real estate."  

It was true. I bought my first home in Africa when I was 20 and we fell in love with the feeling of owning our own home right away. My sister and I have always been entrepreneurs and business savvy since we became independent at a very young age. Being able to design, construct and decorate as we wish quickly became an addiction and so our first business venture in interior design came to life in the late 90's.


We ran Docotaz Interior Designs together in Cape Town where we designed and manufactured anything you could dream of in home décor. Our imaginations took flight on our sewing machines, over lockers and paint canvases as we created beautiful pieces of art.  

Cape Town is a colorful, robust hub of creativity. Everyone is an artist/entrepreneur in some way and the streets are buzzing with inspiration and excitement. It's hard not to be inspired and feel alive in such a beautiful, friendly and open environment. Yes, I am definitely homesick and cannot wait until I can spread my wings and open Nova Home Lovers' branches in Cape Town, Botswana and Namibia. 

I am excited about this journey and welcome all investors or interested parties to contact me to discuss collaborating opportunities. 

Cape Town
House Flipping

My husband and I share the same love of home ownership. It is a rewarding experience to remodel, modernize, and redesign older homes while preserving their character. We do see these houses as our home but of course, we also see them as investments. We have bought older homes, fixed them, and demonstrated their profit value in the subsequent sale in several locations in the U.S. and have had investment properties, either by having renters or reselling after renovation since we can remember.  


The term most often used is ‘House Flippers”, but we see it as something more; a demonstration of our love poured into it, added value and the consideration we have for the tenants and buyers we serve. There is just something magical about seeing an old home come to life again. These old walls have become my empty canvases and I love creating art pieces from something that has been left abandoned or not updated over the years. We do most of the work ourselves, building a little sweat equity over time and I am blessed to have a partner that is just as handy and creative as I am.   

We love building our retirement profile together with the acquisition of investment real estate and are exited for our journey ahead building up Nova Home Lovers as a complete real estate, home services and property management company worldwide. 


We also love the fact that we are building a legacy and generational wealth for our children and grand children to enjoy.  

If you would like to talk to me about learning how to build your own real estate portfolio or invest in Nova Home Lovers, contact me and let's have coffee together

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